50% Of The Searches Will Be Voice Searches By The Year 2020

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50% Of The Searches Will Be Voice Searches By The Year 2020

50% Of The Searches Will Be Voice Searches By The Year 2020

Voice search and virtual assistants have been there for a quite a while now. It was first integrated by Apple, by adding SIRI into iPhone 4S back in 2011. It made their platform unique for years. You could call, make reservations, and etc. Amazon Alexa came in 2014 with the same functionality.  It is a virtual assistant developed by Amazon. It interacts with the user’s voice and plays music and audiobooks, informs about the traffic condition, and etc. At the same time in 2014, Microsoft released Cortana in Windows 10. It is again a virtual assistant that helps the users set reminders, answers the questions using search engines, opens a software, guides you to the nearest restaurants, and etc.

Basically, we have different types of virtual assistance besides what mentioned above, and these are Samsung Bixby, Google Assistant, Amazon Echo, Google Now, and etc. And these work on the same platform, voice search. A user has to interact with the virtual assistant and simply has to ask an enquiry. And since 2011, virtual assistants have advanced and is now available in various languages. Hence making voice search possible all around the world. Let’s look at the monthly usage of Apple’s SIRI, Microsoft’s Cortana, and Amazon Alexa.

Voice Search Statistics

7% of the marketers are making voice search and digital assistance their top priorities in their marketing plans. That means, they’re going to implement this on their mobile apps, and website. Some of them are also planning to implement this on their social media such as Facebook.

 “50% of all searches will be voice searches by the year 2020” – ComScore


Why Voice Search?

Businesses all around the world are starting to adapt Artificial Intelligence. AI has also taken a role in creating professional virtual assistance. And hence, it is clear that for a business to survive in the coming AI shift, voice search needs to be implemented. And according to ComScore, “50% of all searches will be voice searches by the year 2020”.

So, yes, customers will visit the website, and instead of searching will directly ask the virtual assistant for help. Voice search and virtual assistance will make everything very easy for the visitors. It will save time and will give them the required information. For example, instead of browsing all the pages for a particular product, a visitor can directly ask the virtual assistant. If the name of the product is in the system, the visitor will be directed to the page immediately.

Companies are trying to advance their platform in such a way that in the future, users may not need to type or perform further actions. For example, instead of using a pizza app, you can ask Alexa to order a pizza for you. With further conversation based on the quantity, type, toppings, you can finally send an order. Once the order is confirmed by the pizza shop, all you need is to sit back and wait for the delivery at your doorstep. You didn’t use the app, you didn’t click on any buttons as “buy” “order” and etc, all you used was your voice. Let’s us now have a look at some quick stats on voice search.

Voice Search Statistics

Voice Search; An Opportunity for Marketers

Marketers are now taking advantage of voice search and virtual assistance in advancing a better customer experience. If the performance between them is going great, the connection between the customers/users and the brand becomes stronger.

Brands can implement this idea and customers/visitors can visit their site with the help of voice search. Hence, there is no requirement of typing any keywords. Users can search their query without typing and get their results fast. If this is implemented well on the website, visitors will be directed to the brand’s website. This is the ultimate goal of the brands that is to increase their website visitors, turn these visitors into customers, and then them into leads.

So folks, if you are looking forward to changing your marketing techniques with trending technologies, why not implement voice search in your website. This will increase and improve your SEO by making it more effective. Try implementing voice search in your website. You can even add a virtual assistant to your website or mobile app to help the customers/visitors get what they want with the queries.