74% of Marketers Believe Personalization Enhances Customer Engagement

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74% of Marketers Believe Personalization Enhances Customer Engagement

74% of Marketers Believe Personalization Enhances Customer Engagement

Personalization makes the customers feel worthy and special. Who wouldn’t be a part of this amazing journey? Coca-Cola started a campaign “Share Coke With….” Where the bottles were personalized with names. These took their market by storm. The “Share a Coke” campaign helped Coco Cola get the largest year-over-year growth by 19%! Isn’t that amazing?

Coca-Cola Personalization


According to Forrester, 77% of the consumers pay more for their favourite band, if they have personalized their service. A customer feels connected with the brand when he/she is given a priority. Let’s know more on this and understand why 74% of Marketers Believe Personalization Enhances Customer Engagement! There are two major reasons why businesses must start using personalization for their benefits.

Personalization Increases Conversation

Personalization makes the customers feel comfortable and connected to the brand. It makes their trust more effective with the brand. And due to this, it actually increases the conversions. Visitors become customers, and these customers then become leads. This cycle continues and becomes quite strong.

Let’s take a real-life example. Co-operative Travel saw a whopping 95% increase in their visitors and 217% increase in their revenue after they implemented personalization on their website. Another world’s top company BMW profited around $ 500K in revenue as it personalized their MMS messages to 1, 200 customers in the USA. And they converted their leads by 30%!

Personalization Improves Customer Retention

A business success lies in recurring conversions. It definitely looks great when a customer comes back from time to time and buys the products and subscribes to services. Personalization encourages repeat purchases. This is also the main reason, why people always keep on buying their favourite products.

Customer retention is building their relationship with the brand. For example, Amazon does personalization professionally. It analyses the customers and their purchase behaviour, and suggest products to their customers. It also sends messages where it encourages the customers to come back to their app, and buy their products. And during any festivals, it again targets their customers with a special and amazing offer.

Personalization is not only targeting the customers with what they want but is also understanding their purchase psychology. For example, if a customer buys a laptop, he/she may also look for a year warranty. You can also, guess that he/she may also, need a laptop bag, laptop skin, and etc.

Understanding a customer’s behaviour is also, a part of the personalization. You personalize your business, it creates a powerful impact on the customers! So now that you know, you may start personalization. You can start with your website, social media, SMS, MMS, and etc. Attract your customer with an effective branding with personalization!