What’s the Impact of Digital India Campaign on Digital Marketing?

October 3, 2017 0 Comment

India’s Honorable Prime Minister Narendra Modi announced two big projects such as Digital India and Make in India when he came to power. With an objective to make India, digitally active, Narendra Modi launched ‘Digital India Campaign’. After launching this campaign, many initiatives have been taken by the government to empower people digitally in industries such as commerce, education, health, labour, employment and many others.

 Let us go through the campaign structure:

Digital India campaign consists of various programs that are initiated with an objective of preparing India to become empowered digitally and economically. Moreover, it also aims to bring good governance to each citizen through the synchronised usage of digital campaigns.

What’s the impact of Digital India Campaign on Digital Marketing
                  What’s the impact of Digital India Campaign on Digital Marketing

Vision of Digital India:

The vision of Digital India program is to bring growth in areas of marketing, electronic services, products, manufacturing and job opportunities and so on.

Under the Digital India program, the government has announced to provide public internet access programme, E-Governance, Broadband Highways, and Universal Access to Mobile Connectivity.

Impact of Digital India Campaign on Digital Marketing Field:

Customer Acquisition
The customer acquisition of the online marketing field will boost because more number of people will engage in the internet. Alongside this, while generating leads is the only key performance indicator of most businesses online, it will now assist to nurture business on their digital platforms.

E-Marketing revenue contribution has increased
Earlier, 50% of the marketers available online reported that e-Marketing activities were contributing only 10% of total revenue generated. However, with the launch of digital India campaign, people are showing more interest in new technology. So, now 85% of the Marketers are generating revenues through e-Marketing activities for their business and getting phenomenal results.

Integrated Campaigns boost conversion rates
India is going through digital revolution because people are getting engaged in various online platforms. Nearly 80% of the Indian Marketers use integrated campaigns such as Email, social and mobile to enhance the conversion rates.

Highest customer engagement is achieved through social media updates
With this campaign, India is on its way to becoming digitally empowered. The digital India campaign has brought positive impacts in the digital marketing field. With ever-growing number on social media, it has turned out to be the top choice for achieving maximum customer engagement (46%) followed by email campaigns (28%).

Top marketing activities
Social media is on the front line of the effective digital marketing tool. Email marketing is on second priority voted by India Marketers. Over 50% of the Marketers are now getting inclined to digital marketing and planning to increase investment in online marketing activities.

Online budget for Email Marketing
Nearly 45% of customers respond to email offers, which is 3x of US consumer. It has been predicted that in the year 2017-2017, 50% of India Marketers will increase their investments by 31%-50% in Email Channel.

Digital Transactions
Nowadays, everyone is using digital transactions to transfer money. People are using Paytm etc. to book tickets, buy products, and transfer money and so on.
“Digital India” campaign is an exceptional move of the government of India. It has been estimated that nearly 1+ Lakh digital marketing jobs are going to evolve in the coming year. India is on the journey of technological transformation.

Digital Marketing School hopes this program will showcase positive impact on digital marketing field in the near future.