Discover the world around you with Google’s Q&A section feature

August 19, 2017 0 Comment

Are you struggling to get the answers when you wanted to know about anything? Do not worry! You will be able to ask those questions and get the answers you need, and even answer other people’s questions about places on Google Maps for Android and mobile search.

You may be able to use Google Maps or mobile search to ask questions about local businesses, such as one of the best digital marketing institutes in Hyderabad, hotels, malls etc. and get answers from the business owners.

Google Rolls out Q&A section feature on Google Maps & Mobile Search
Google Rolls out Q&A section feature on Google Maps & Mobile Search

Google started rolling out a new Q&A section feature on Google Maps for Android and mobile search. Users across the globe can avail these services and can now access the Q&A feature through the listing for any local business and they can ask questions about that questions, such as inquiring about the timing of institutes, asking about offers.

To make sure “Questions & Answers” contains the most accurate and useful local info possible, business owners can add frequently asked questions and answers as well. When anyone asks a question, Google notifies the business owner and other users to see if they have knowledgeable answers to contribute. When a question is answered, Google notifies the business owner.

This feature is rolling out to Google Maps and mobile search users (Android) worldwide. You can simply search for the location on Google Maps or Search and open the local business listing to ask or answer a question. Then scroll down to the “Question & Answers” section where you can add a question, answer someone else’s question, or up vote informative ones by tapping the thumbs up icon.

Upvoted questions and answers will appear toward the top of the section so that the most helpful content is most accessible. With this feature, Google expands its existing efforts to bring more user-generated content to maps. This Q& A section is more interactive than its existing offerings, though, and it’ll be interesting to see how users and businesses will use it.

So, you can ask us any question through this Q & A feature. We will be ever ready to answer your questions.

Happy Questioning!