Mobile Marketing Tips for the Next Generation Marketing

May 25, 2017 0 Comment

5 billion and rising. More than 5 billion people around the globe are avid mobile phone users. Mobile phones have seen a paradigm shift from being used to calling and texting to now for almost anything and everything under the sun. Statistics say that approximately 83% of web browsing is done through the mobile phones, which just goes to say, that for your business to be visible, you need to be present where your customers want to see you- Mobile Phones.
Mobile marketing is relatively newer than the traditional forms of marketing, and this can be used as an advantage by marketers to position themselves at places where their customers spend their maximum amount of time. And to achieve this feat, Digital marketing School has enlisted the following mobile marketing tips to keep in mind, to help you in the journey from Click to Tap!

  • Make your website Mobile-ready
    Many people often overlook their website calibrations, and do not realise that what looks appealing in 15”, looks appalling in 5”. The need of the hour then becomes a responsive design that takes care of screen adjustments, text and image alignments and adaptability to various other display sizes. A desktop and mobile view of the same website must be designed separately, keeping in mind the resolutions, speed, accessibility and overall viewing experience in either medium.
  • Breezy navigation
    Since the screen size is substantially reduced, when it comes to mobile phones, it becomes even more imperative for the marketer to ensure that your call to action is easily found and located by the visitors. Try to keep it generic, a simple “Download Now” or a “tap Here” button would solve the purpose, as elaborate call to action buttons would take up much of your screen space, and might even end up confusing the visitor.
  • SMS Marketing
    Text messages are a widely used form of delivering short and point to point messages right to your audience. It works great as a mass marketing tool, but again does not come without its own limitations., and must be worthy of the personal interruption it causes. Try and make your SMS under the single message character limit, that is, fewer than 160 characters. Double texts as a continuity often fails to convey the ulterior message of your campaign and also looks extremely shoddy. Text messages are meant to be short and snackable, as an average viewer will not spend more than 10 seconds in going through the entire message, based on which his future actions will be dependent on.
  • Mobile App
    In this era of smartphones and advanced operating systems, mobile companies have left no stone unturned in easing out day to day human activities, and making them just a tap away. These mobile application software, or Apps, in general are a major hit among the current generation of web browsers, and this is one strategy that the marketers can apply in getting more conversions. Depending on the nature of business, companies can launch a mobile app , which is extremely inexpensive and provide its downloadable link in their website, along with a PlayStore or iOS image, for authenticity.
  • Test, Test and some more tests!
    The changeover to mobiles as a platform to market and sell your products is a tough task at hand. Hitting the jackpot at one go is far from reality. In order to ensure that your mobile marketing campaigns are working in favour of you, run immense amount of tests and app runs as trials, to avoid cutting a sorry picture of your brand, at a monumental level.