Digital Media Trends to watch out for in 2016

January 4, 2016 0 Comment

Digital Media Trends 2016“For last year’s words belong to last year’s language. And next year’s words await another voice.” As we enter a new year, we must be well prepared to embrace the new trends it brings along, even when it comes to Digital Marketing & Social Media. We must update ourselves with Digital & Social Media strategies constantly, since the lifespan of these strategies don’t last very long. Technology is evolving each day, and we as marketers must always keep pace with it.
We at Digital Marketing School, update you with few top Digital Media Trends that we can expect in the year of 2016.
Social Media as a helping hand-
Social media in recent times has played quite an important role in the times of tragedies; from finding people, helping them and making sure they are safe. People are increasingly looking to social networking sites as a means of a helping hand. From terrorist attacks to natural calamities, social media has always been there for people to connect and support each other. Over the times, it has proven to be a positive medium.
Nostalgia will still be an effective tool-
The past year, nostalgia was used as a marketing tool by many brands and it had been proven to be a very powerful tool. It will continue to be an effective tool even in the New Year. As a marketer you must be able to experiment with your content on social media and be able to successfully evoke feelings of nostalgia into people. Targeting especially the younger generation, since purchase decisions are mostly made by them. Nostalgic posts about people’s childhood toys, childhood Ads, cartoons, technology in the past; have been a super hit among the audience. Your key to success is finding new ways to continue to evoke nostalgic feelings in people even in 2016!
Visual content will be the key-
Videos are going to gather the maximum attention in this digital age, especially the newly introduced 360 degree video storytelling. As a marketer, you must be able to use the new technology to find ways of creative storytelling. Platforms like YouTube, Twitch and Vine are the tools you need to utilize to the best and create quality video content. Digital Marketing Training can be useful for you to understand how to market through visual media.
Tell a story-
Content marketing in 2016 will be more about drawing the audience by making them feel connected and truly feel something. Real content is now a valuable tool for marketers. Telling a story is the key. It is the best way to build loyalty and build an emotional connection with the audience. If you have more time to tell a story, there’s a greater opportunity to create those connections.
For example, with Dove it’s the story of real beauty.
How are you planning to attract the audience in 2016? Tell us in the comments!