The Value of Graphic Design in Digital Marketing

December 18, 2015 0 Comment

 Value of Graphic Design in Digital Marketing

Look around your surroundings. What do you see? It could be a poster, a book, a phone or whatever you see. Every object was designed in a way that it is convenient as well as appealing to the user. Even when it comes to Social Media, we do happen to see a lot of design posts every day. All of them don’t catch our attention. There are few design posts that are so attractive that we can’t stop ourselves from hitting a ‘like’ or even ‘share’. This is where the value of graphic design is known. If you own a business and you are on social media, it is time for you to up your design game if you still haven’t. Graphic designing plays a vital role not just in building your brand but also in attracting the user’s attention. Here are few quick tips on how to up your graphic designing.

Colours & Designing-
Branding has a lot to do with colours. The colours your company majorly uses, the colour of your logo play a very important role. Many famous companies stick to sophisticated colours. But startups and small businesses these days are experimenting with colours. Using playful and youthful colours is always attractive and attention seeking. For example: PepperTap and Swiggy.
They use Red and orange respectively, which are bright and captivate our attention. You can always experiment with colours too. Also you must remember that you need to use the same colours once you decide with one. It builds a sense of trust and familiarity with the users. Having a consistent look and feel is vital. You should also use the same logo and same branding images (cover picture and profile picture) throughout your social media pages. Even when you make your posts try placing the logo in the same way and sticking to a set of colours. Remember these the next time you start designing.
Like it was mentioned above; you must never make a mistake of forgetting that consistency is the key to successful branding. With so many brands on social media it can get confusing for the users. Hence, if you want to be remembered maintain consistencey. With similar colours and images, people will connect and relate to your brand. Take the example of Myntra, they always use similar images but are still very creative and appealing. They ask questions and post facts relative to their company. That definitely strikes a chord with the audience.
Target the youth-
We all know that the majority of social media users are the young generation. And what attracts them? Anything that is bright and bold. Always implement that in your designs.
Be quick-
Whatever that is you are trying to communicate to the users, be quick. The attention span of people towards what they see on social media is short. You must be able to quickly connect to them.
Hire a professional service-
We know that you would already be busy with too many things if you own a company. So what can you do to brand yourself? Hiring a professional service can be a big plus for you and it can reduce a lot of stress. There are many good Digital Marketing services available locally. They undertake a lot of responsibilities, from designing to promoting your brand.
Or take up a professional course-
Think you cannot afford a professional service? You can also train yourself. There are many institutions which also offer digital marketing training in Hyderabad. They being quick and affordable, you can at least learn the basics in no time!
Are you thinking of taking up a digital marketing course? Tell us in the comments.