Take customer communication to the next level with Facebook Messenger

December 11, 2015 0 Comment

Facebook Messenger on their websites

Mark Zuckerberg has always worked on growing his social networking giant Facebook to reach a lot more people. Very recently, Facebook launched a software that would make Facebook messenger accessible for Businesses on their websites. How awesome is that, right?

Facebook messenger already has a whooping 700 million active users monthly throughout the world, and this is a good move by Facebook to expand the feature to an even wider audience and platform. The move is a step in nurturing Facebook’s courtship with businesses.

If your website already has a Facebook Plugin, you can now also add a Facebook Messenger box beside it. Visitors to the website can now live chat on the website with the customer services representative via Messenger. Any queries, questions or information can be asked easily. Yes, it’s quite similar to the live chat features few websites already have. But those plugins are pretty costly and Facebook messenger can be installed on the site for free! This could have been quite a relief to many businesses especially small sized businesses. Since small businesses these days are highly dependent on social media platforms for marketing their products and services and also for communicating with the customers.

Yes, you are right. You must be thinking that one can always message the businesses on their Facebook page itself, but that is unlikely according to many companies. Customers hardly message them on Facebook. People usually Google search about the company and directly got to the website. Thus, this plugin would now make people use the messenger, but on the website.

In the coming days, we’ll be definitely seeing more and more companies using Chat apps to communicate with the customers and potential customers. Because, the medium is easier for both the parties to use and also more direct.

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