5 impressive social media tips for startups

December 9, 2015 0 Comment

Social media Tips For Startups

Gone are the days when companies relied on traditional marketing to promote their products and services. These days, it’s all about marketing on the social media platforms. The best part about social media marketing is that it doesn’t burn a huge hole in your pockets like marketing on traditional mediums does. Even startups can easily apply social media strategies and benefit hugely.
“With many people spending majority of their time on social media, as a marketer we must be able to use that to our advantage!”

Here are 5 super cool tips on how startups can use social media marketing correctly.

1. Don’t be an attention frantic: Social media is all about generating genuine conversations. Tagging people in unrelated images, posting in unrelated groups, commenting too much unnecessarily must be avoided. We understand it can be hard to acquire attention. But if we post quality content, which is attractive as well as informative to the audience we can gradually get noticed. So focus more on generating good content rather than acquiring attention!

2. Build trust: If you want your customers to choose you, you must earn their trust. Social media is a great platform to help you do so. Tell the audience about yourself and your company and add a personal touch to it. Tell them what inspired you to start your company and how passionate you are about it. People will believe in you and choose you. Also if you have a group of loyal customers, you can use their user experience as a testimonial and post it on social media.

3. Make use of tools: To make your job easier, use social media management tools like Hootsuite. Hootsuite is an amazing tool that helps you handle all your accounts at one place. You can also schedule your posts on various networks like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest etc at one place using Hootsuite. https://www.hootsuite.com/

4. Quality not quantity: It’s not about how many posts you make every day; it’s about how good each post is. Even if you don’t post very often but your content is attractive, informative and strikes a chord with the audience then you’re doing it right. It’s also not about how many followers you have, but how many genuine followers you have who really care about what you do! A small loyal group of followers are better than a huge amount of followers who don’t care about you!

5. Customer service:

These days it is very important for a business to provide platforms for people to communicate with them. Always respond to their queries, problems, comments, suggestions and reviews! Keep it open.

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