7 Biggest Digital Marketing Mistakes to Avoid

November 13, 2015 0 Comment

Don’t fall to the Digital Marketing trap! Be informed; know these top 7 common mistakes.

7 Biggest Digital Marketing Mistakes to Avoid

Not able to understand the audience-
Firstly, you must be able to understand your target audience. What is their mindset like, what are their needs, what do they like to hear about and be informed about. You must be able to figure that out and post content that is relevant to it. Striking a chord with the audience is the key.

No proper planning-
As a Digital Marketer, you must have clearly defined goals and action plans. Ask yourself these questions. What are your current needs? What are your strengths? What are your weaknesses? How are you spending the money? Do you have a proper budget? Document the questions and answers.

Over Expectations-

Digital marketing strategies take time to come into effect. Don’t over expect your results. Keep improving your social media strategies and other digital marketing campaigns that you are working on. You only have to wait for one post to go viral, you will instantly attract a large audience. Work on creating such posts.

Not giving importance to content-
Digital marketing works well only when the content is relevant, attractive, informative and engaging. That is the only way to obtain measurable results. Use call to actions. Write content elements that will convert the audience to site-visitors, and site-visitors to customers. Video content is vital, never ignore it.

Overlooking Mobile-
The number of people who use mobile is very higher when compared to the ones who use desktop, according to recent reports. Always have a mobile strategy. Mobile marketing must be made mandatory in your digital marketing strategy.

Not Measuring Results-
Always make sure that the money you spend on digital marketing campaigns is worth it! Use Google Analytics to measure your results. Update your strategies after analyzing the results and work on improving the results.

Using Old School SEO-
Google’s algorithms have evolved; old SEO practices are getting companies penalized by Google. Always update yourself with new On-page and Off-page SEO techniques.

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