6 Best Tools To Recover From Google Penalty

November 10, 2015 0 Comment

how to recover from google penalty


How to Recover From Google Penalty

These days many websites are being penalized by Google, for violating Google’s guidelines. But why exactly are the websites penalized? Many of the websites, in order to achieve high search engine rankings in Google, are over pushing the link-building process. As a result, the websites are falling down in the rankings rather than going up. They aren’t aware of the limit and the guidelines laid by Google. And only few websites are putting an effort to recover the rankings.

Is your website hit by a penalty? We talk about 6 diagnostic tools that are helpful to fix site issues and recover your organic search rankings.

1. Google Webmaster Tools-
Google webmaster tools are very important for your website. It helps you know how Google sees your site as and also informs you about the penalties Google has imposed on your site. The tools help you get rid of duplicate content, spammed back-links or any other broken links. Thus, helping you achieve a better search engine ranking.

2. Majestic SEO-
Majestic SEO is a link intelligence tool. The tool helps you analyze the link profile of your website. In most of the cases bad back-links or broken links are the reason why a site is penalized. Majestic SEO helps you in cleaning up your site’s back-links and broken links.

3. Fetch as Google-
This feature helps you know how Google renders a URL on your site and provides you the option to submit that URL to the index. Once you fetch and render the URL, it will give you the details on the URL’s HTTP response, the page download speed and how Google views your page. It helps you know if your URL is being redirected or blocked by robots.txt. It can be accessed on mobile and desktop.

4. Ahrefs-
The most effective tool that helps you find bad spammed links and problems with your anchor text. It also helps you in in-bound link analysis and generating back-link reports.

5. Monitor Back-links-
This is also a tool that is very handy to find spammed back-links. You can use the filters to switch and verify the back-links.

6. Copyscape-

Plagiarism is one of the top reasons a site gets penalized. Duplicate content is strongly penalized by Google! Copyscape is the best tool to find out if your content exists anywhere else online.