6 Key Ingredients for a Professional Twitter Profile

November 7, 2015 0 Comment

professional twiter profile

“Having a professional and compelling Twitter profile is very important for businesses.”

Twitter is something that can be very simple yet a powerful tool for your business. It serves almost as a landing page for your brand! Potential customers look and decide whether or not to choose your product or service by looking at your twitter profile. Many do not know the fundamentals of Twitter; we are here to educate you!

1. Bio is your SEO-

Twitter bio is very important for your brand, it’s much like SEO. It’s how you choose to present yourself to Twitter’s 230 million users, so you must give it some serious thought. Your bio is one of the major factors that people consider when deciding whether or not to follow you. You must think carefully about keywords. There are different kinds of people on twitter. Just as you optimize a Web page for search engines, when you fill in your Twitter bio think about your desired target audience and always include words and phrases relative to them. A touch of personality serves great too.

“The objective is to position your personal brand so you’re using the right keywords and clearly showing what your focus is so people read it and know exactly what you do and whom you serve.”

2. Visual Content-

Always focus on making real connections. Never use a cartoon or a celebrity picture for your profile picture! If you have a brand logo, use the logo as your display picture. Also add a relative cover picture that speaks about your brand. People remember your brand with your profile photo. Post some visually attractive posts on to the page. The posts must speak about your brand, inform, educate and entertain people. Keep in mind the dimensions of the posts on twitter.

3. Include a URL
If you have a website, provide your URL. If you do not have a website, provide the link of your blog or of your LinkedIn profile.

4. Custom background

Custom backgrounds are free or very low of cost on Twitter. Get a customized background for yourself. They must convey important details and contact information. Many big brands practice this.

5. Post privacy
Never protect your tweets! “What’s the whole point of being on twitter and making it difficult for people to follow you?!” If you are so keen about privacy you must rather stick only to Facebook and LinkedIn.

6. Have patience
Do not start following random people. This is an inappropriate way of using twitter. If you have 100 followers and you follow 2000 people, people wouldn’t be interested in following you and would wonder what your motives are. Strike a balance. Avoid the “follower spam”. Have patience and work on your posts, people will follow you themselves.