Instagram Launches ‘Boomerang’ – Brands are already using it!

November 6, 2015 0 Comment

Instagram New app Boomerang

We all know about Gif files. They have become very common these days. Instagram has recently launched a service called Boomerang, which allows users to make and upload Gifs, easily. Facebook also supports Gifs and ‘Giphy’ allows website owners to embed them, now Instagram also joins the league.

Boomerang allows users to take short photo bursts and converts them into an animated Gif file. These animated videos get saved in your phone’s storage directly.

Once it’s created, you can upload the animated Gif file on Instagram and any other platform that supports Gifs, like Facebook. This can be done directly from Instagram. The app also offers the users looping and reverse features so that they can experiment more with the animation and make creative videos!
“The app stitches together five photos to play them forward and then in reverse in a total 1-second video.”

Boomerang is already in the news in the worldwide Digital Media scene, taking it by storm!

Brands are already using Instagram’s Boomerang –

It’s just been few days that Boomerang was launched by Instagram and brands are already using it! Many brands are posting creative Gifs made with the app. If you haven’t made Gifs using Instagram yet, do it now! It’s being deployed by celebrities and big brands.
It’s quite the ‘in’ thing in the social media scene.

What do the makers of Instagram have to say about the app? They say that the app was launched to “Turn everyday moments into something that is fun and unexpected.”
Try it; it surely is fun!