Digital Marketing or Traditional Marketing – What works the best?

October 28, 2015 0 Comment

traditional marketing vs digital marketing

The goals of Digital marketing and Traditional marketing are the same, to build awareness about your product or service. What is the difference between them? Digital marketing focuses more on the Web – on social networking sites, websites and many other such things. Whereas traditional marketing is more about print media (Newspapers, Magazines), Television, Radio and outdoor advertising. Many businesses think that they are odds with each other. But, balancing both of them properly will bring your marketing great results. For example – You could use traditional platforms to provide the customers with your website information from where they could get a discount on visiting your store. That way you’re using both the platforms in a great way to get customers.

We all know much about Traditional Marketing. But are you not sure about Digital Marketing? We provide you some information about Digital Marketing, so that you can team it up rightly with traditional marketing and get maximum results.

Digital Marketing Is Pocket-Friendly
Concentrating only on Traditional media like Television, Radio, Print-media can be a very costly affair. Whereas a well-planned Digital marketing strategy powers your advertising at a very reasonable investment. Marketing your business online is very cost effective and far more powerful.

Digital Marketing is Measurable
You cannot know how effective your advertising is on Newspapers or on Television. But you can find that out when you are digital marketing. How many times your product was viewed, how many times it was clicked and a lot more. You can track conversions. Online marketing makes measuring your progress very easy and quick, so that you can see what’s working best.

Best for Brand Development
Having a good social presence on various social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and regularly updating with good quality content is the best branding you can do for your brand. Also maintaining a good website is vital. These days’ people research a lot about a brand online. Hence it is obviously very important for you to maintain a good online presence. Having informative website ads and blogs will get you leads.

“Digital Marketing helps in creating a sense of trust in your customers”

Efficient Exposure
The exposure from digital marketing is very high. The tools of digital marketing being devices used by your customers’ every day, like Smart Phones and Laptops.

 “Digital messages are more viral than traditional marketing messages.” 

Reaches Qualified Consumers
There are many ways in digital marketing that help you reach your target audience, people who are genuinely interested in your product or service.
Digital marketing campaigns can be targeted only to prospective customers.

Amazing customer engagement
Digital marketing provides you with many opportunities to engage with your customers, especially on social networking sites. Helping in driving traffic to your website; overall increasing your sales.

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