5 Reasons Why Organic Search is more Desirable

October 20, 2015 0 Comment

5 reasons organic search is better

Blogging has become very common these days. It has become a major source for businesses to drive traffic towards their websites. Bloggers drive traffic towards their website in two ways: Organic way and Non-Organic way.

Organic search results: The listings that appear in Google Search because they are highly relevant to the users’ searched content.
Non-Organic search results: Whereas Non-Organic search results are related to pay per click (PPC) mechanism of advertising.

Non organic results provide you with a huge traffic, but we can never ignore the benefits of organic search results. We provide you with the top 5 reasons why you should use organic search listings frequently.

Organic search/Non-organic search and Combination of both:
Non-organic or Paid search ads are suitable mostly for conversions and not traffic delivery completely. Organic search on the other hand is better in generating pertinent traffic. The combination of both organic and non-organic search results, will provide amazing results for your businesses’ blog.

“Implementing both organic and paid media in the right manner can channelize the success of your blog.”

More safe:
These days a lot of businesses depend mostly on social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Pinterest etc to drive online traffic to their websites. Depending entirely on these sites is a tad risky. One bad step and we lose our online traffic overnight. Organic search can be used to mend traffic replacement issues.

You can cut down your advertising expenses by using organic search results wisely. Learn how to perform organic search to improve the traffic to your website by taking up a Digital Marketing Course from a professional institute.

Online Visits:
Paid ads are more short-term oriented. They allow customers to visit the site once. But do they provide them reasons to return to your site? On the other hand, Social networking sites are useful to generate traffic, but do not have a great impact on the overall traffic of the website.
Organic search results have higher visitor retention rates. You only must know how to use keywords as per your target audiences’ requirement.

Paid vs. Non-paid:
Paid sources, as the name itself says, are going to be in your favor until you keep on spending huge amounts of money. Once you stop doing it, you will see instant decline in your website traffic.
Whereas organic searches’ enables visitors to come back to your website if they find it useful to them; if they had a good experience when they visited it for the first time.

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