Top 6 Reasons to develop a successful career in the booming Digital Marketing industry

October 19, 2015 0 Comment

Career in Digital Marketing Industry

Digital marketing is an area that has boomed in the past few years. India has become the second largest country of Internet users after the US. Hence, there is a huge demand for skilled digital marketing professionals in the ever-growing industry. People today are all engrossed with digital equipments, spending most of their time on Smartphone or other digital gadgets. Marketing or spreading word about a product or service on social media to a particular target audience has become more or less mandatory. The Digital Marketing wave is so strong today that it’s undoubtedly the best time to be a part of the industry.

We provide you the top 6 reasons on why to develop a successful career in the ever-growing Digital Marketing Industry.

Amazing Job opportunities: The number of jobs for digital marketers on job portals has increased by a large number, with more than 2000 jobs available. You can undergo a certification course from a good institution and you can start applying for a variety of jobs. The number of jobs in the industry is also significantly higher when compared to other popular industries.
Awesome earnings:
Did you know? A digital marketer earns between 231,291 – Rs 11,81,496 annually. A non-experienced person can earn anywhere up to Rs 15,000 per month. Whereas, an experienced digital marketer earns up to 2.5 lakh each month! Awesome figures, we say.

Online Advertising is booming: The Online advertising industry is booming like never before! According to the latest report by Digital Advertising in India, the value of Online Advertising market in India has increased to Rs 3575 Crore in Mar 2015 from Rs 2750 crore an year earlier.

Indian e-commerce industry to cross $16 billion mark in 2015:
The digital commerce market in India has grown steadily from $4.4 billion in 2010 to $13.6 billion in 2014 and likely to touch $16 billion by the end of 2015. Going digital is the best option!
Number of Internet Users is increasing:
India will cross 500 million Internet Users Mark in 2020, according to a report. If you’re thinking of career pathways, think Digital Marketing.

Interesting field:
Why be stuck with the same boring jobs? Digital marketing is an interesting career option. The Jobs pay well and are equally fun and interesting. You’d be surprised by the variety of Job options. It’s finally a time to say no to boring jobs.

Thinking to go Digital? Digital marketing is surely the right platform.

If you wish to learn about digital marketing and other important aspects that substantiate it for career growth, undergo a Certified Digital Marketing Course