Who is eligible to do a course on digital marketing?

Career in Digital Marketing is an attractive option; getting paid to sit on Facebook all day is basically living the dream, right? However, there are so many reasons why this career is a best and popular.

Well, the best thing about Digital Marketing as a career is that there’s no linear entry path into this field and, although it can make things more straightforward, you don’t need eligibility for digital marketing course to get a job in this industry.

Who is eligible to do a course on digital marketing?

Who is eligible to do a course on digital marketing?

Who can do digital marketing course? And which degrees can lead to a career in marketing?

A Digital Marketer needs to carry out a wide variety of tasks on a daily basis including, but not limited to: search engine optimization, email marketing, social media marketing, pay per click advertising, blogging and content marketing, as well as strategizing, analyzing and reporting.

All of these tasks require a completely different set of skills and disciplines and although a good marketer should be able to competently do everything, the best Digital Marketer usually specializes in one area.

Therefore, any degree with one or more specialist skills can help you land a job in digital marketing. Other degrees which offer cross-over skills include Business Studies, PR and Communication, Advertising, Computer Science, Economics, Management and Psychology to name a few.

 What is the eligibility for digital marketing course?

Digital Marketing is a good multi-faceted job which requires creative and diagonal thinking; an ability to be simultaneously creative and commercially minded. Some of the key skills attributed to this role include:

  • Strong writing ability
  • Good communication skills
  • Awareness of consumer behavior and buyer psychology
  • Analytical and numerical abilities
  • Experience with blogging platforms, social media, and PPC
  • Graphic design abilities
  • Web design/development knowledge

Top tips on how to get a job in digital marketing:

Of course a degree in marketing might give a candidate an advantage on paper, but when hiring for Digital Marketing roles, employers do tend to focus more on proven skills and experience. So if you don’t have a degree in marketing, then consider the few things to boost your chances of getting a Digital Marketing job.

Get experience:

You can still gain a wealth of experience on your own, you can start your own blog, website or social media channels. The more you can show passion and genuine interest to an employer, the better your chances of getting a career in Digital Marketing.


Teaming and associating up with Digital Marketing professionals in the Marketing sector can be hugely beneficial to furthering your career. Surrounding yourself with experts who are passionate about what they do will also drive you to work harder and inspire you to keep on top of the current trends.

Well, those who are really passionate about digital media and the internet should go for the Digital Marketing Course because it’s a short-term course. And we believe an investment in learning gives the best return on investment.

So, go on and learn & make digital marketing as a career.


8 thoughts on “Who is eligible to do a course on digital marketing?

  1. Niharika Chowdary

    This is a very helpful article on Digital Marketing….I have completed my graduation recently looking to do digital marketing Course…

  2. Nymisha

    Wonderful write-up making clear much of what I’ve been trying to figure out myself. There are various free sources as well as paid sources are available over the web to learn Digital Marketing…but Degree/Graduation with good internet knowledge is always suggested for a better career.

  3. Suresh Kumar

    Entrepreneurs having a goal in mind to spread awareness about their startup through digital media can learn and implement digital marketing can do a course which is helpful. Coming to eligibility for entrepreneurs if they have MBA in marketing it helps a lot…

  4. Anusha

    As per my experience 10+2 passed from a recognized board (any stream) is the minimum educational qualification required to pursue digital marketing course…I don’t have any degree, but I learned and doing job in SEO…

  5. Nirosha

    The world is going Digital and by the year 2020, all the companies around the world including India will have an online presence and thus creating a lot of career opportunities in the digital marketing field. if you have a very good internet knowledge that is the real eligibility to do a course in DM…

  6. Mustafa

    I Think there is no particular eligibility criteria for this course as such. You can take up this course if you are :

    * Sales and Marketing professionals
    * Entrepreneurs (Startup CEO, Founders)
    * Students/Freshers
    * Digital Marketers
    * IT Professionals

  7. Sathy Joseph

    If you are planning to undertake digital marketing training, first you need to analyse the purpose of that course and then check about eligibility folks. any basic degree is enough to do a digital marketing course…

  8. shilpa shivanand

    There are many questions people ask when they consider learning digital marketing from a reputed institute. It is not only about your education qualification and skills but there are also some more factors that you should be aware of when evaluating your digital marketing career potential.

    If you are a Student – Students with knowledge in digital marketing are capable of turning out into entrepreneurs building start-ups with new business ideas.

    If you are a Marketing Professional – Marketing officials should no more consider learning digital marketing as an option to proceed later. It is high time that they must require the knowledge of digital marketing concepts to survive.

    For Career Switchers / Individuals – Individuals who wanted to try modern marketing strategies that the society has been discovered and following currently are invited to take up this digital marketing training program.

    All the best :)

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