Top SEO Techniques to Follow this 2018

SEO Trends 2018

Top SEO Techniques to Follow this 2018

We all are aware of how SEO is important for any business to rank their website on search engines, and how basic keywords can increase their visibility online. SEO is one of the top most effective techniques to grow your business exponentially. In fact, it is the first step in Digital Marketing!

Being a professional Digital Marketer or as an entrepreneur, everyone wants their website on the first list. And yes, all this is possible with a little hard work involving business related keywords optimized in websites, ads, emails, and more. But obviously, this technique has been implemented for years, so what are the new things we need to follow. New years will always bring new trends and updates that world depends on. Let’s find out some of the top SEO techniques to follow this 2018!

Mobile-friendly Website

Mobile - friendly website

Mobile users everywhere! Their strength has increased enormously due to the need for minimalism. Yes! We all can’t take our PC and laptops everywhere, and we do need something small and pocket-friendly to email, call, check the weather, contact people and etc. So, when the world is more into using their phones, why not make your website mobile-friendly?

52% of the internet users use their mobiles to visit a website. 1/3rd of the mobile users prefer their mobiles over desktop or laptop to access the internet. So, basically, when the number is huge, it is quite clear that you need a mobile-friendly website.

A mobile-friendly website is easily usable on the phone. The colors, fonts, images fit perfectly on any screen size. Mobile users usually get irritated and leave the website it isn’t responsive. According to study, 46% of the users report problems if the website isn’t mobile-friendly. And due to this, you will definitely get bounce rates!

Return On Investment

Return on Investment

Some of the marketers and entrepreneurs give much attention to keywords and keyword optimization but ignore return on investment. Your SEO should not just only focus on keyword optimization to bring your website to a rank, but should also be focused on how to sell your products online. You need to get something when you are spending on your campaigns. For this, you need to stay focus and analyze the metrics. You can further re-create your website content, implement A/B testing, use creative ad campaigns, and etc.

The most effective way to increase your ROI is to maintain an active blog, create effective email marketing, create social media ads, and more. In this way, you can increase your ROI. You will get more than what you spend.

Social Engagement

Off Page SEO

You don’t just have to have a website and optimize it with SEO and maintain various social media platforms. You can also increase your brand awareness by maintaining a forum (Quora), creating an event on event websites, and also, by creating ads on ad websites. This is Off-page SEO and yes, it will help you create backlinks, but will also, help your brand increase its visibility.

You can use Quora and participate in questions related to your business. You can even maintain a blog on Quora and write engaging content on it. The more you answer on various questions (related to your business), the more people can get in touch with you, understand your business, and may even want to buy your service/products.


Website Analysis

Quality Website

The best form of marketing is to conduct a regular checkup on your website. You should go through each webpage and analyze if it is optimized with SEO and content. You should analyze the bounce rates using Google Analytics, and create new ways to decrease bounce rates on web pages with new content, design, and images.

You need to be sure that each web page is working and has no 404 errors and broken links. If your content is overpopulated with keywords, try to decrease them and make it simpler as possible. Regular checkups will give you great benefits with your SEO work.

If you an entrepreneur or a marketer, be sure to follow all these important

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