Top 4 Reasons to Use Live Videos for Powerful Branding

blog(12-07-18)Top 4 Reasons to Use Live Videos for Powerful Branding

Live videos are one of the best ways to get the attention of an audience. Big brands are taking advantage of this, and have grabbed the attention of many when they released their new products or services. Brands such as Apple and Samsung went live and introduced their brand new products. They not only introduced it but gave a brief product description. And this is how you make a grand impact!

If you want something similar for your brand, you can definitely go live. You can talk about products, how to use them, benefits of them, and much more. Customers interested in your products can connect with your brand and create a brand loyalty. The relationship between your brand and customers will get stronger with the help of live videos. For example, if you’re a software company, you can create live videos on how to install a software, shortcuts involved, and how to connect two software, updating new tool in the software, and etc. This will help your customers, and clients understand your brand with the help of professional guidance. Let’s now get into details, and understand the top 4 reasons to use live videos for powerful branding.

Engage Customers When You Want

One of the top reasons that you ought to understand is that the customers will view your content at their time. Yes! When you upload a video, and it gets fewer views in the beginning. It will increase gradually as they are shared, liked, and etc. And this happens when they are online.

But when a live video is a process, the social media platforms give a notification to the users who are following you, to watch the video. Basically, an alert is created and hence, increasing the customer’s attention. And this is how they can watch you video the time you go live.

Engages Customers with Real-time Scenario

Content marketing can be done in many ways, but live videos always give it a powerful approach. It offers a real-time engagement. It is like an influencer that can help in better conversion. Blog posts can be talking about something that happened in the past, but live-videos talks about the present.

And the better way for brands to take advantage is by taking Q&A sessions, office tours, product launch, and etc. Make your customers drool over the content with this real-time engagement.

Create Cost-effective Live-videos

Live videos are simple to create and need no professional video editing. It is free, and no app charges you when you create live videos! You don’t need any software, equipment, and all. All you need is a smartphone, tablet, or even a laptop. You can go live on Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and Periscope.

Live videos actually create a far better impact on the audience as compared with blogs, and website content. We all know that content on a website or even on a blog can catch attention, but the videos create an impact!

Facebook Live is a top platform and can be used by any business. You can easily get an access to a large audience. It has some great features such as live reactions, and real-time commenting. The hosts and the viewers can interact easily. Facebook Live has an inbuilt analytics, and you can, therefore, see the performance. You can even boost these live videos to reach more viewers.

Facebook live stats

Create Quick Live-videos

When you create a video, you need a software to edit, you may even have to buy the video editing software, isn’t it? It takes time and is quite a tedious task. Creating a video can take up to 8 hours to even a day. Blogging each article may take 2-5 hours depending on the size of the article. But live videos, only take 3-4 minutes!

If you have everything ready, you can just go online and start the live video session. Talk about products, and anything, and voila! You have visitors from all over the place.

Well, folks, these were the 4 reasons to use live videos for a powerful branding. Branding needs a different approach that can attract and engage the customers. This is how they connect with you and create a bond with your business. Try creating live videos and talk more about your brand, products and services, their benefits, tell the special characteristics of your products have, and etc. You can talk about the product design, ways to use the product, and etc. Engage your customers, and build a better bond with live videos.

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