Social Media Marketing Trends to watch out in 2016

Social Media Marketing trends in 2016Do you track social media trends? In this article, we will discuss the Social Media Marketing trends that will reshape social media.

This is the age of Social Media. Social Media Marketing has become very essential for brands. There are hundreds of Social Media tools, plenty of free opportunities to use and make our content public. But it is important to know what runs in the market. There are plenty of new features and innovations happening in the Social Media industry every passing day. 2016 is going to be home for many new trends in the social media marketing scene.

We listed out few important social media marketing trends to watch out for in 2016 –

Live Updates – Immediacy in social media is going to be something to watch out for. Rather than taking a video/picture and posting it later, there are few apps (Periscope) that allows users to give a live video broadcast of some stretch of their lives. Users can also collectively watch live videos each and every day. Instagram and Snapchat are also supporting immediacy.

New publication options –
New publication options are meant to keep the users in app for as long as possible.
Facebook’s Instant Articles is an example. Publishers will be able to publish articles on Facebook without an external source link.

Diversity of In-app functionality –
This is again to keep the users in the app to the maximum extent. For example, Facebook introduced in post search engines, Instant article publisher, videos that play instantly while you scroll. Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest are also trying to do the same, preventing users from leaving the app. This trend will help marketers to communicate with the audience on one platform.

Social media consumers on mobiles will rise even higher –

According to a study, approximately 31% of all traffic to the top 10 digital properties was mobile-only visitation.
Authors of the comScore study relate that,
“Facebook saw mobile revenues surpass desktop revenues, signaling a shift towards mobile as the primary digital media platform.”

Buy buttons –
Facebook and pinterest introduced “buy” features for their customers. When the users see an ad (sponsored ads) on the newsfeed, they can instantly click and buy the product, without exiting the app! Many social platforms are also following the similar trend.
“Buy buttons are going to take social media by a swing.”

Priority for organic visibility will rise –
Paid advertising has become so common that by 2016 social media marketers will focus more on generating organic visibility.

Social networks are becoming search engines –
Though Google has become a household name for searching anything, People these days are searching more and more on social networking sites.
“88% of consumers online are influenced by reviews and comments posted by other consumers on social media sites, especially Facebook.”

Cost of advertising to rise –
Sales via social media are rising. Facebook is throttling organic visibility and forcing people to buy advertising, and this throttle will only increase. The cost of advertising is going to rise like never before. Not just on Facebook but on other platforms as well.

Privacy concerns will rise –
The concern for security is going to increase like never before. We have also seen many high profile security breaches this year, as a result the concern for privacy will only rise. Facebook is introducing more and more privacy awareness tools, to protect users’ information. The platforms with more privacy protection are the ones that will thrive in the market. Increased privacy protection, might hit the advertisers in a way.

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