Reasons Why to Use Instagram Story for Business

Reasons Why to Use Instagram Story for Business

We have already talked about the Importance of Social Media Marketing For Business in our last blog. We have also discussed on some of the Top Tips for Social Media Marketing. Now moving on to social media marketing, let’s talk about Instagram marketing.

Instagram is a photo and video-sharing service owned by Facebook. It gained popularity rapidly after its launch in 2010 with one million users only in two months! Currently, it is one of the popular social media platforms in the world with more than 800 users. And since its successful development, businesses didn’t just stay back but took advantage of Instagram to a whole new level.

Instagram Marketing

Instagram can be used for personal and business purpose. Companies all over the world have been using Instagram and its profound feature is known as an Instagram story to increase their brand awareness, customer retention, and more. Companies such as National Geographic, Airbnb, FedEx, GoPro, have the best Instagram marketing according to Forbes. They have super amazing and attention-grabbing Instagram stories that caught the attention of thousands of viewers worldwide.

The Instagram story is a feature on Instagram that allows its users to post images and videos that only stays for 24 hours. It is almost like a Snapchat story, but with more interesting features. It has amazing features such as Type with different text styles such as Typewriter, Strong, Modern and Neon, Live where you can go live, Normal where you can take pictures and videos, Boomerang which takes a short video and plays back and forth, Super Zoom, and Rewind. You can also add a location, weather temperature, time, and various icons that can make your post interesting. An Instagram story recently got new features where you can add hashtags, poll, and emoji slider.

Why should businesses use Instagram Stories?

Instagram marketing is the best way to help your business prosper and expand exponentially. Your followers can easily check your Instagram business profile and get to know about the latest posts and info. And frequent posting will make your brand stay at the top. Let’s see some of the benefits of getting engagement with Instagram marketing.

1.    Enhances Content

The post that you upload on Instagram may grab the attention of many viewers, but the story is far better. You can decorate your story with the features discussed above making it more eye-catching. It will line with your branding perfectly!

2.     Your Audience

Instagram generates 120X more engagement per follower than Twitter. If you want to know and understand your customers, you can do it perfectly with Ig stories. For example, you can ask a question using Poll. You can also use Emoji Slider to understand their emotional response.

Instagram Story for Business

Basically, if you have to know which product of your is doing well, you can add their pictures and a poll, and get your results. You can go live time to time and talk more about your products. When there is a new product to be launched, you can introduce to this on your story. You can have a live chat and answer audience questions. These can definitely engage them with creative Instagram marketing strategy.

3.    Attracts New Audience

New business or personal profile, posts, videos are always discoverable on Instagram. And one of the best ways to make your content visible is by adding hashtags. Hashtags can help your content whether image or video more viewable by users. As a Business, you can use your own hashtag, and keep it adding to your posts. Basically, the great way to introduce your business is by sharing your content with hashtags making users find you easily.

4.    Generates Sales

Instagram can highlight your services by promoting your business with professionally created images and videos. These visual contents are bound to generate more engagement and also, drive sales at the same time. You only need to add creative CTA and let images speak for themselves.


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