LinkedIn Adds Voice Messaging to Enhance Communication

LinkedIn Adds Voice Messaging to Enhance Communication

LinkedIn Adds Voice Messaging to Enhance Communication

LinkedIn recently updated its app and added a new feature where you can voice message. LinkedIn voice message was introduced to get a better and effective conversation. This feature is available on iOS and Android phones. The only drawback is that you can only send voice messages through the app and not through the website.

So, the main question here is why did LinkedIn add this feature now? Well, text messages have been a part of the business for a long time but it increases the data on either end. And we all know how a conversation is effective than the text messages. And this is why LinkedIn added a voice message to help its users improve their business communication. Zak Hendlin, LinkedIn’s product manager said, “Voice messages let you more easily and quickly communicate in your voice with your connections.”

Why is Voice Messaging a Better Option?

Hendlin also stated that people spoke 4X faster than they type. If you consider another scenario, people usually make mistakes while typing. They can take time to edit them and go through them once they’re finished typing. This actually takes time, and a simple voice message will easily communicate everything! There is a time limit of one minute, and you need to say everything in that particular timings. So, this is how you can express yourself even more.


How to Record a Message?

All you need is to open your LinkedIn app. Go to the message section, and tap on any conversation. You can hold the microphone icon as shown in the image, and hence, record your message. And when you’re done, release your finger to send it.

LinkedIn Voice Messaging

And if you want to cancel while you were recording, you simply need to slide your finger from the microphone icon to downward direction. And your message will not be delivered.

So folks, if you are already using LinkedIn, get started on this feature. It is easy and simple, and very effective. Your way of speaking can also help you get the job. You can make an effective impression on anyone.


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