Importance of Social Media Marketing for Business

Importance of Social Media Marketing

Importance of Social Media Marketing for Business

We all are aware of social media marketing being a crucial part of Digital Marketing. More than 91% of the marketers believe that social marketing has greatly influenced their brand and its visibility. It has not only increased their brand visibility but also created trust between their customers.

So if you are running a business, you might want to think the importance of social media marketing. It greatly affects your business for sure, but how? How can it help you grow exponentially and increase your customer engagement? Overall, how can your business benefit from this? Let’s now see how social media marketing can help your business.

Increases Brand Awareness

Social media optimization is easy and stress-free. This part of digital marketing will help you attract various newbies, customers, and clients. You can increase your brand awareness with the correct implementation of social media strategies. In order to do this, you need first create various social media accounts for your business. You can create accounts on top social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, YouTube, Twitter, and etc.

You need to spend time in creating interesting and engaging posts that will not only attract customers but beg them to stay on your social media page. With a little patience and research, you can create amazing social media strategies.

Himalaya Herbals is one of the best examples of their best social advertisement. They launched their product Himalaya for Him in 2016 and it created a whopping success of INR 3, 800 crores! Their video on Himalaya men face wash was viewed over a million on the first day! This is how a social media marketing strategy can lead you to success.

Himalaya Herbals Marketing

Builds Brand Loyalty

Your business social media presence is important to create a brand loyalty. Brand loyalty will not just make your business visible but create customer retention and customer loyalty with active and engaging social media posts. Therefore your main goal must be to create customer satisfaction with brand loyalty. So, how to build a brand loyalty and win the hearts of your customers?

The effective way to create brand loyalty is by creating effective videos that will create energy and excitement for your audience like Pizza Hut, Johnson’s baby, Airbnb, etc. These companies have done an excellent job in attracting their audience by creating engaging videos. Develop compelling stories which will make your audience invest their time understand your brand like BuzzFeed, ScoopWhoop, CollegeHumor, etc. These brands are getting popular than some YouTube channels with entertaining brand stories. It creates a new platform to communicate with customers. And the most important customer engagement strategy is to create sales promotion that will make your audience want more from your brand like a free consultation, discounts, buy one get one free, product demo, etc like Amazon, Uber, Zomato, etc.

Examples of Brand Loyalty

Increases Web Traffic

Social media marketing not just works well on your social media platforms, but also works well on your website. How? It increases the traffic! Customers, clients, and newbies tend to visit your website when they go to your page, posts and social media advertisements. Companies such as Namecheap, BuzzFeed, Back-Linko, Canva, Quicksprout, and more attracted insane website traffic due to their social media strategies. And according to Neil Patel, he made over 300, 000 $ from Instagram only in 3 months!

If you want to increase your website traffic with social media optimization, you need to create brand-related interesting posts with visuals. Posts with images create 650% more engagement than the text posts. You need to invest your time in maintaining an Instagram account.  You can reach more audience with the help of hashtags and by adding a location. According to Instagram, brands get the highest level of engagement on their platform than any other platforms by 4.21%! And lastly, you can create Facebook events that can attract your audience by boosting great engagement. These events can be for an opening to a new project, festival parties, workshops, and etc.

Social Media Facts

Now that you know how social media marketing can help your business, there is no denying that it has many advantages. You only need to be creative and active on your social media platforms. If you are successful, it will increase your brand awareness, brand loyalty and quality, SEO, website traffic, customer retention, and more.

Start your social media marketing now! Time is running and you need to make a powerful impact on your customers. Start creating strategies and make sure to implement them. For more, read Top Tips for Social Media Marketing!






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