Advance your Digital Marketing Campaigns with Google Analytics

The best part about Digital Marketing is that, it allows you to track conversions. How is it done? You need to use a measurement platform like Google Analytics. It helps you track, test new tactics and make informed choices.

How to set up Google Analytics?
Follow these simple steps:

Google Analytics Account Setup

• Sign into your Gmail account.

• Go to the link-

• Click the ‘Start using Google Analytics’ button.

•  Fill in the details: your name, your website’s name and URL, your time zone.

• Select ‘Get Tracking ID’ button.

• Accept the terms and conditions.

• When you submit your information Google will generate a code snippet – copy this code and enter it onto every page of your website. Consult with your CMS provider for more details.

How does Google Analytics work?

Google Analytics Insights

Google Analytics provides you with a variety of insightful metrics related to your website visitors and the amount of conversions you have received. These are the four key sections that are a part of how this works.

This section allows you to find out who visited your website. It contains reports about audience insights, demographic information about your audience, their interests, location and the device that they use.

This section tells you about through what source your audience has visited your website. How and where did they find your website? Was it through a social networking site or was it through the search engine? This helps you know which tactics are working the best for you, so that you can improvise accordingly.

This section helps you understand what sections of your website keep the audience most engaged. Helping you know what sort of content works best for your website.

This section, as the name suggests, helps you keep track of the
conversions your website has produced. You can also track the amount of money you made through paid search, referral traffic etc.

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