How to Get an Effective Branding with Instagram’s IGTV

How to Get an Effective Branding with Instagram’s IGTVHow to Get an Effective Branding with Instagram’s IGTV?

It has been 8 years since Instagram came into existence. It was initially launched for iOS back in October 2010. It was just a photo-sharing app with few filters. And within 2 months, it gained over 1 million active users. And after 3 years of its launch, Instagram was now advertising brands to create more revenue.

Instagram didn’t just stop there, but developed its platform with the addition of new features! It added stories that lasted for 24 hours, similar to Snapchat. It then added more features such as Boomerang, where the video plays again and again in a loop, Super Zoom, where the video will zoom while it is recording and more. But this June 25, 2018, Instagram added a new feature and an app called IGTV. It has not only grabbed the attention of its users but has also, has opened up a new door for business branding. Let’s talk about IGTV in detail, shall we?

What is IGTV?

IGTV is a new app from Instagram that helps its users watch 1-hour long videos. Instagram has a time limit on their videos, and never exceeded more than a minute. But just days back, IG came up with a new exciting app where you can watch videos for an hour.

Compatible with Which Devices?

The IGTV app is compatible with both iOS and Android devices.

Note: Separate App coming soon

How to Use IGTV?

You can use the IGTV as user and viewer. As a viewer, you can just go to your IG home feed, click on the orange button on the top right. After clicking it, the home feed will be flooded with videos.

And as a user, you can create a channel on IGTV. All you need is to go to your IG home feed, click on the orange button on the top right. Now tap the gear icon on the right, and tap “Create Channel” as the bottom of the screen.

You’ll get an introduction to IGTV. And then, you can click “Next” on the first and second screens, and tap “Create Channel” on the third screen. And this is how your channel will be created, and you can now upload videos!

How to Get an Effective Branding with Instagram’s IGTV_


How to Get an Effective Branding with Instagram’s IGTV


Benefits of Using IGTV for Brands

We all know that video marketing is high on demand due to its powerful impact on its viewers. According to a source, 79% of the world’s internet traffic will be video by 2020. Marketers are now investing more in creating engaging videos for their customers and clients.

Social Media apps like Instagram have also helped brands create their brand authority even more profitable with videos. Now with IGTV, these brands can further improve their brand recognition. Brands can now talk more on their products, review an item, describe the product’s importance, and etc. Powerful brands such as Loreal, Nike, Puma x Fenty, Apple can use IGTV when launching a new product, discussing tips or tricks, and more.

You can increase your business, brand’s value with IGTV. The best thing about this feature and app is that your video is easily accessible to your followers. So, yes you can achieve your goal easily. You can upload different types of videos based on your business. You can go for tutorials, unboxing your product, instructional videos, office tours, launch parties, and more.

Use IGTV for your benefits and help your business grow. Increase your brand awareness and authority by uploading engaging videos. Try understanding your brand and business, and understand what your customers may want. Try creating videos from your customer’s perspective. And yes, this way, you are sure to attract viewers to your videos.


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