How to do social media marketing (SMM) for your B2B business

We already know that social media isn’t just for B2C – there are social media platforms out there perfect for B2B businesses, too. While Social media marketing for b2b focuses on community awareness and engagement, Social media marketing b2b strategy targets lead generation. But even still, not all B2B managers are convinced that social media marketing is worth it. So, should your B2B be using social media marketing?

social media marketing for your B2B business

How to do social media marketing for your B2B business

Read on to find out how you can take advantage of social media to generate leads in business. Social media platforms provide great (and sometimes free) features to help you out with audience targeting.

  1. Use targeted advertising

Social media lets you target your audience with precision. This means you can make the best of both engagement and advertising. Start by creating a campaign that appears in targeted users’ Newsfeeds. The more activity on your page, the further your ads will go – and this where engagement comes in.

  1. Make a post promoting lead magnets

A lead magnet, more or less, is an incentive. A B2B company might offer free, downloadable content – like a podcast, eBook guide, or webinar – in exchange for a visitor’s email address. From here, you can add them to your email marketing list, where they’ll be updated on new web content and promotions.

  1.  Host a competition or giveaway

Done right, social media competitions are known to generate hundreds – even thousands – of new leads. The key lies in audience targeting: make sure your prize is something of high value to your audience. Generally, followers will ‘Like’ your business page and share your competition post to be in the draw to win. This also increases engagement and reach – always a bonus for lead generation.

  1. Offer free trials

On Face book, you’ll notice that business pages can now create custom tabs. Where B2C companies might make a product tab, your business can create a sign-up page. If your business offers free trials, make a free trial sign-up tab. This will direct traffic right back to your site. And, while you’re at it, you can also take advantage of the call-to-action button to promote email sign-ups.

  1. Encourage testimonials

We all know testimonials go hand-in-hand with trust and authority. On Face book, visitors can leave your comments and reviews, and even include star ratings. These social media reviews are clearly ‘natural’ ones. Meaning, it’s obvious that they aren’t sponsored testimonials. Best of all, these reviews can be easily embedded in your site with a simple widget, and will often display in search engine results.

Final thoughts

Social media marketing is all about customer ease. Even if you aren’t engaging with them directly, your clients or customers will still use social media to keep in touch with your brand. It’s the best way they can stay updated on new promotions and special offers. Social media marketing for b2b companies is also a great opportunity to give your business a face, voice, and personality. Customer engagement is rare in B2B marketing – and going that extra mile can be the key to new leads.



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