Grow Your Business with Visual Search – Learn How

Grow Your Business with Visual Search – Learn How

Grow Your Business with Visual Search – Learn How

Every business wants an effective and productive Digital Marketing strategy. An effective marketing strategy will always make the will always be beneficial and can help the brand grow. It will enhance its visibility to the world. Businesses are now implementing new ideas and techniques to advance their Digital Marketing platform. And with Google approving image search this year, SEO has gained back its power.

Image search or visual search was affected badly due to the “view image” button implemented back in 2013. There was a massive drop in image traffic. But this year, Google removed the “view button”, and approved of the visual search.

What is Visual Search?

Visual search or Image SEO is optimizing the images with attributions. The file size, name, alt attributions, XML sitemaps on the images play a vital role in SEO. For example, if you search for any keyword, you will get images on the Google Image. If the keyword is been optimized in the images, they will appear on the search engine. Pinterest founder and CEO Ben Silbermann said, “a lot of the future of search is going to be about pictures instead of keywords.” This statement gives a clear view on how the visual search will affect the search query.

For example, if you take a photo of a lamp, and search it online, you will be directed towards the website that sells the same lamp. This will definitely help the Digital Marketing platform, and hence, help the business get a better visibility. A search query such as this will lead a visitor to the website. He or she can buy the product. Therefore, successfully transforming a visitor into a customer!

For a better example, go through the given videos, and understand how visual search is making Pinterest marketing better!

Just take a snap of anything, and find it online. This is an easy method, and you can find your products online without even searching them with keywords.


How to Optimize Your Site with Visual Search?

Top companies who highly depend on their product’s visibility with professional designs and photography are slowly implementing visual search in their Digital Marketing. Visual search as we know can bring the customers from search engines to the website. This isn’t just a simple way but is a smart move that every company must practice.

Visual search is very important to bring the SEO strategy to the next point. The stronger the SEO, the stronger is the marketing plan. In order to optimize Visual Search, the first step is to optimize the images with keywords.

An image can be optimized by writing a proper caption, title, alternative text also known as alt text. This will help your images get a better visibility on the search result when an inquiry related to that keyword is searched.

Consider submitting image sitemaps to Google. You can open the CMS (Content Management System), and install the plug-in. It will help you generate image-sitemaps. You can install Sitemap Generator if you’re using Joomla, and Udinra All Image Sitemap if you’re using WordPress.

Concluding this article, Visual Search as described above is a fundamental part of SEO. It has a structured data that is incredibly crucial for best SEO practice. It increases the brand’s visibility as its products or services are now easily searchable. Let’s just summarize the main points on how to optimize the images.

  • Add a content with the relevant keyword to the alt-text of the images.
  • Submit these images to the sitemap.
  • Optimize the title with relevant keywords.
  • Optimize the images with the ideal size.
  • Optimize the images to be mobile friendly.

If you are a big fan of Digital Marketing, try implementing this now! Check your website and all its web pages. If there are images, optimize them now! If you are maintaining a blog, whatever the images you have uploaded including the banner, optimize them with the targeted keywords. You are sure to increase your website visits soon!


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