Game changing tips for Email Marketing for Small Businesses 2017

In this digital era of overflowing inboxes and an enormously growing competitive base, it sure is not a piece of cake to have your email get the viewer’s attention. Then how can you captivate your audience through emails, and for how long?

Here, at Digital Marketing School, we will walk you through the nuances of Email marketing for small businesses and help you get your target audience to open the email and engage with your brand, because online marketing is just not about doing business over the internet!

  • 2 step sign up verification always works:

Company emails are often viewed with a skeptical and cynical view, and are not considered credible enough for sign ups. To overcome the trust issues, go for a double opt in procedure while signing up, in which the customer develops a sense of reliability with your content.

  • Make your move instantaneously:

As soon as the viewer has verified and allowed access for email promotion, drop in a welcome mail at that very moment. The engagement span of the netizens is very short, so the marketer must make an attempt to interact with his customer before the viewer loses interest, or forgets about the sign up.

  • Let your subscribers decide their email modulation:

Lets face it – Nobody wants to wake up to an overflowing mailbox, irrespective of its message relevancy. To avoid being perceived as a spam and not annoy your subscriber, provide them with an option to schedule your mails at their own convenience, not when you want to reach out to them (which will obviously be EVERYDAY!). This option of inflection will improve your dependability and the viewer will for sure want to interact with your mail when he sees it at his own comfort.

  • Subject lines are the game changers:

Believe it or not, but a great subject line can actually boost up your chances of getting viewed and acted on by your subscribers/viewers. By great, we mean something catchy, relevant and containing less and less of jargons. The subject line is the first thing that catches your viewers’ eyes. It is the deciding point for the subscriber to go through the entire mail or not. This deciding window is your chance to make the visible subject line (not more than 60 characters) a hit.

  • Create customized content with mail list demarcations:

To give your emails a more professional and personalized outlook, maintain different mail lists for different types of subscribers and viewers. This will help in targeting the right kind of audience for the specified content, without repeating the mails to the same set of subscribers. Also, what’s the harm in being more organized isn’t it?!
This might seem like a herculean feat for some, and here is where the email service providers come to your rescue, such as Mailchimp, which has a feature to maintain segmented mail lists for your plethora of mails!

  • Keep updating your mail lists time to time:

At regular time intervals, make sure you keep your mail list updated with fresh viewers and at the same time, remove the redundant subscribers who are not engaging with your brand/company from a very long time. Maintaining a mail list with recipients who are least interested in evening opening your mail will solve no purpose for your promotional efforts. This will also make room for fresh subscribers on whom you can invest most of your attention and try to convert them.

  • Optimize as per devices and browsers being used:

A well drafted and relevant mail will lose its charm if the subscriber’s medium of viewing your mail does not support it. It sure is difficult to match upto the optimization needs of every device and browser used by the plethora of audiences there, work out some analytics to find out some of the highly used browsers and commonly viewed medium by the customers in general, and accordingly design the content and layout so that the efforts don’t fail due to mere technical glitches.
Make use of Google Analytics amongst other tools to identify customer’s web trends for better reach of marketing efforts.

Emails are hands down the most economical way to promote your business to the masses through the digital medium. Having said this, the competition is no less draconian. These steps will help you sail through your email marketing drill, but remember, the content will always remain the king.

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