Digital Marketing Roles and Responsibilities

Digital Marketing Roles and Responsibilities


Digital Marketing Roles and Responsibilities

Digital Marketing is one of the booming industries in the world. It has evolved for 2 decades and has successfully helped various businesses flourish by increasing their brand awareness. And now that Digital Marketing is on the rise, businesses around the world are looking for perfect candidates to help their business grow further.

Digital Marketing has great job opportunities. It is flexible and eco-friendly. It has an interesting approach which makes it exciting to work in this field. We have various job roles in Digital Marketing. You can be an SEO analyst, SMM manager, PPC specialist, content developer, copywriter, and etc. The best part, you can also earn money from being a freelancer! Let’s understand some of the roles and their responsibilities in this field.

Digital Marketing Executives

Executives in Digital Marketing are given the responsibility to analyze and strategize the online marketing of the organization. They create various marketing campaigns on different platforms and also make sure that the content written is useful for the organizations. Here is a list of roles and responsibilities of a Digital Marketing Executive.

  • Optimizes on-page SEO for web pages
  • Executes off-page SEO
  • Optimizes the content on the website and different social media platforms
  • Develops and maintains the ad campaigns (Google AdWords, Social Media)
  • Analyzes the website’s insights with Google Analytics
  • Makes sure the organization is running on new trends
  • Creates and executes email marketing campaigns
  • Improves ways to increase KPIs on Social Media

SEO Executives

SEO executives are responsible for optimizing the website and web pages with important business related keywords. They maintain the keyword density and frequency on each web page; they use these keywords in on-page and off-page SEO. Hence, they are responsible for the website rank on the search engines. Here is a list of roles and responsibilities of an SEO executive.

  • Conducts keyword research (Uses various keyword research tools)
  • Creates a report based on Google Analytics
  • Works on on-page SEO (Uses keywords on webpage’s title, description and adds focus keywords)
  • Works on off-page SEO to increase backlinks (Uses keywords and creates event websites, forum, blogs, etc)
  • Assists copywriters and content writers with SEO writing
  • Keeps updated with Google Algorithm
  • Rectifies technical issues such as 404 errors, plagiarized content, XML and HTML sitemap, etc.

Social Media Marketing Executives

Social Media Marketing Executives are responsible for maintaining an organization’s social media presence. They promote the brand’s content, create engaging posts, and interact with the target audience. Here is a list of roles and responsibilities of an SMM executive.

  • Creates social media marketing strategy
  • Manages different social media sites
  • Adopts social media tools
  • Creates the contents of posts based on the organization/client business
  • Analyzes the competitors’ social media platforms
  • Promotes products and services
  • Creates a business related scheme for SMM
  • Participates in social media ad campaigns

Copywriters and Content Writers

The copywriters or content writers are responsible for maintaining the website and web page contents. They are also responsible for developing and maintaining engaging posts, blogs, and campaigns. Here is a list of roles and responsibilities of a copywriter or content writer.

  • Observes and understands the organization’s/client’s business and creates ad-copies according to it.
  • Creates strategies to attract the target audience on social media platforms
  • Assists the SEO team with website contents using important keywords
  • Maintains keyword density of a content
  • Develops blog and forum contents
  • Develops contents for info-graphs, videos, emails, and etc

There you have it! These are the roles and responsibilities of various job roles in Digital Marketing industry. As we have said earlier, Digital Marketing is a growing industry and has excellent job opportunities out there. Your job will be easy and you will definitely enjoy working in this field. You can choose your path based on your creativity and likeness to any role as given.

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