Digital Marketing in 2018: Top 5 Digital Marketing Trends to Watch

The internet world is persistently changing with the fast-paced developments in technology with each passing year. Nowadays, the newly-digitalized businesses and consumers have started to interact using the websites and apps instead of employees. Indeed, the digital marketing services are the key drivers behind this shift change.

As we just landed in the New Year, the expectations regarding new digital strategies have started taking momentum. It can be quite challenging to keep up with all of the latest trends, so to make your life more comfortable, we’ve curated a handy list of some of the changes in digital marketing taking place, and how your dealership can take advantage of them in 2018.

Digital Marketing in 2018: Top 5 Digital Marketing Trends to Watch

                      Digital Marketing in 2018: Top 5 Digital Marketing Trends to Watch

1)    Innovations in Voice search:

Currently, the voice searches are accounting for 20% of a total number of searches on the internet. This year the businesses will consider the voice search as an essential tool in all the SEO strategies. The artificial intelligence technology and virtual assistants are advancing vastly, and as an outcome, the voice searches will be a major part of branding.

2)    Live Chats/Chatbots

The live chat is certainly a thing which is becoming a prime channel of communication. The B2B live chat interaction has surged a lot in 2017. Furthermore, the brands are excited to use and set up their chatbots to provide instant support for their customers.

Chatbots are now low cost & easy to set up and have gone from a gimmicky, nice-to-have technology to a serious digital marketing tool. Imagine having your best salesperson available to your potential customers 24/7, responding instantly and creating a personal experience with your brand. They can also save time and money, generate leads and create meaningful connections with your audience.

3)    New Omnichannel measurement

Omnichannel is a term – which you might have heard many times.  Google will also share further major information about the way they track the visits to the store. This will majorly help businesses to understand the attribution of the works.

4)    Influencer marketing will rise

Over the past few years, the use of influencer marketing has been enhancing by leaps and bounds, particularly on social media. The big celebrity products endorsements have seen a downfall ever since the niche-influencers arrived. By making use of niche-influencer marketing, the marketers can reach a highly engaged and relevant audience of the influencer.

5)    Facebook B2B Marketing

For B2C marketing, Facebook has been the favorite platform. On the other hand, nowadays the B2B marketing space is a bit dominated by another social network Linkedin.  Lately, Facebook is also trying to be active on the B2B marketing channel. It will be the best tool for the B2B promotions in Social Media marketing.

Well, with our top 5 digital marketing trends for property developers in 2018. Now, you know the digital marketing trends for 2018, what’s cooking for marketers and the primary demand for digital marketing, we should expect a lot of tough competition. Planning takes less time than execution!

Get started now for a prosperous year ahead.  Happy marketing!

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