Digital Marketing 2018: What Is the Future of Digital Marketing in India?

The future of digital marketing in India is astonishing. As the flow of digital marketing 2018 is changing every day, a digital marketer has to be dexterous, ready, smart and adapt to latest changes. Not only that, digital marketers of today and tomorrow should go beyond the imaginations of the current scenario and implement it way earlier than the change actually happens so take advantage of it.

With several web users in India, organizations can no more disregard their existence on digital and online media. In the absence of digital presence, clients are bound to discover and opt for the services of your competitor. The increasing population of tech-savvy internet users has massively expanded the scope of digital marketing in India and the digital marketing 2018 is also looking great.

The essential motivation behind why companies adopt online marketing is because it is a result-oriented mode of marketing. You can turn more acquainted with where each penny is spent and the exact numbers in terms of traffic, conversions, the pages with the highest conversions and the channels bringing in this traffic. In the upcoming years, we may see many digital marketing companies launching up in India. So, for that what they need to do is to have a presence at the top of the Google search results.

What Is the Future of Digital Marketing in India

What Is the Future of Digital Marketing in India

Here Let Us see what’s next For Digital India?

  • Between 2018-2020, Advertising video on demand (AVoD) will grow at a CAGR of 38%.
  • Multi-Channel Network (MCN) approach will give more flexibility for content creators to promote content across channels. Content creators will also benefit from IP Management support, monetization opportunities and more.
  • Instead of watching content in groups, by 2020 more content will be consumed by individuals mainly on their small screen devices.
  • India’s online celebrities will rise in numbers. Brands will collaborate with these celebrities for brand promotions and influencer marketing.
  • Disruptive Innovation will lead to innovative content monetization opportunities. Localization of content through strategic partnerships for content acquisition and distribution will take place.



Digital will dominate India’s future by turning mainstream. Some of the possible hurdles that are currently interfering with the growth are slow internet speeds, piracy issues, etc. But government initiatives and development of advanced technologies by innovators are efforts to get past these challenges.

In a digital India, the marketing trends show that there will be a huge demand for digital marketing services. Designing intuitive user experiences will be the focus in the future. Simplified user interfaces with an uncomplicated user journey are what forward-thinking businesses are focusing on at the moment. However, using digital marketing 2018 strategies and tips, each customer experience will be designed using high-end data tracking and data management platforms.

Online businesses will continue to grow in the future, so will the need for digital marketing services. Start building your online presence today with digital marketing 2018 strategies.  DMC is a leading digital marketing agency handholding today’s businesses into the growth opportunities offered by digital marketing. Feel free to contact DMC to know more.

Well, is your business geared-up for the anticipated digital future breakthroughs? What impact do you think will digital India have on your business? Share your views in comments



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