Breakthrough in Digital Marketing with Google AdWords

Google Adwords

“It’s not about how much you spend; but it’s about how well you spend.”
Brands are spending lots of money in Digital Marketing to market themselves. But are they doing it right? It is imperative for brands to understand the platform of investment. No matter how many ads you run on Facebook, one can never ignore Google AdWords.
Have you noticed the ads that appear on Google when you search for something? These ads are called Google AdWords, which is a magnificent platform if you are planning to advertise on digital channels. Huge impressions and conversions are witnessed by many via this platform. Brands bid for amounts to display these ads on the world’s largest search engine – Google! So we can say that AdWords are much like pay-per-click (PPC) ads on the Google Search Engine. To know more about PPC, you can quickly have a look at our online digital marketing courses.
So, how does AdWords work?
“Google AdWords is highly précised.”
You can target and centre your ads to your whole country or only to the few people you wish to target. You just have to set the radius before running the ads. It’s simple. The best part about AdWords is that, it’s beneficial for both huge companies and small sized businesses as well. You even have an option to choose the mediums you want your ads to be displayed. Is it on only on desktops? Mobiles? Or on both? It’s up to you. It’s high precision rate and high returns on investments (ROI) are the two main reasons why brands are spending quite a lot on Google AdWords.
Why does it stand out from others?
There are many reasons why Google AdWords are better than many other competitors, even Facebook. We listed out few of the reasons here.
Google AdWords is a daily budget. One can set the budget daily depending on the business and cost of the keywords used in the campaign targeting. For example, your budget is 10,000 for 10 days; you can set a daily budget of 1000 Rs.
Impressions: “How often your ad is shown. An impression is counted each time your ad is shown on a search result page or other site on the Google Network.” Impressions cost less than clicks.
It has a High precision rate.
Useful for both Small sized businesses, startups and also for big brands.
High Return on Investments (ROI).
Create image ads in different sizes-
The size limit for all image ads is 150 kilobytes. You can create Google Ads in different sizes. You can look here for the different dimensions –

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