80% of Brands Will Use Chatbots by 2020

80% of Brands Will Use Chat-bots by 2020

80% of Brands Will Use Chatbots by 2020

Social Media, the platform that changed the world. For 5 years, it has evolved and has attracted people all around the world with the powerful branding techniques. Branding on social media was a better option as it targeted the right audience based on their preference, age, gender, work area, and all, hence, increasing the brand’s visibility and authority.

And in Digital Marketing, SMM is a growing service and has better tools and specifications to achieve the target in no time. Social media is the biggest platform where you can promote your products and services as you can communicate with a larger and specific audience, and hence enhance your brand’s visibility. And this is why it adds advantage to the Digital Marketing Industry. But now let’s look at an important development that is taking over this platform; Chatbots. According to a recent study, 80% of brands will use chatbots by 2020, and robust their brand’s authority!

Chatbots and Social Media

Communication is an important part of a business. A professional communication must take place between the brands and the customers. Chatbots are a new extension used in social media platforms, such as the Facebook itself, where it has taken the communication to the next level.

They are taking over the SMM by allowing customers to engage with them in terms of customer service, transactional engagements, and more. Now customers can ask questions related to the products and services, buy them, book them, and more. Chatbots are changing the phase of the social media marketing according to a recent study, where it is predicted that by 2020, 85% of the customer interaction with a brand will not involve humans. Taking this further, let’s see how they actually work.

How Do Chatbots Work?

They are a part of Deep Learning. It recognizes the speech, data, patterns, and then transmits this data through layers of the network to provide accurate results when the A.I faces a query from the customers. Look at the given video to understand how chatbots work on social media platforms.

The chatbots run on an AI program that offers great opportunities in enhancing the customer service to help the business grow and prosper. And the best part, the small companies can compete with the big brands. Unlike human interactions, their interactions are quick, user-friendly, easily understandable and are available 24/7. There are two major reasons why 80% of brands will use chatbots by 2020 and increase their customer’s engagement, let’s see how.

How Will Chatbots Help Increase Engagement On Social Media?

Increase the Website Traffic

Every business knows how important it is to increase the flow of the visitors to their website. Chatbots can help increase the visitors, customer’s traffic to the website.

These automated bots can provide solutions to the customers in real-time. For example, if you have implemented chatbots in your social media. The customers may ask them about a product. When the chatbots give the link to the product, the users click on them and reach your website. Hence they then can check it out, and buy the product if they wish. They can also, stay on the website if they come across any engaging blog posts.

When you compare with human interaction, the chatbots can handle multiple clients at the same time. They also, study their movements and predict their choices. Which business wouldn’t want that? To study this part further, refer to the image given below.

Chat Bots

Improve Management

Chatbots are not just to answer the customer’s query, but they are designed to manage the social media platforms. 80% of brands will use chatbots by 2020 and may get rid of their separate apps. These brands will offer products and services directly with intimate and engaging posts. Users will be able to quickly get the required info quickly without even going to their brand’s app. Basically, with chatbots, complete Digital Marketing services can be placed successfully. Isn’t that effective?

Chatbots can help you manage your appointments, pull any data, updates, and etc within few seconds. They can handle various tasks, and make your digital life better. And with the future development, we can expect these Chatbots handling the entire Facebook page, interacting with the followers and visitors, creating the target audience just by analyzing your business.

To summarize why businesses will be implementing these chatbots, go through the following image given below.


Therefore, it is quite clear that chatbots will definitely help the business. It will make almost every business process simpler and easy to handle.

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