4 rules of Smart Social Campaigns for Business

smart social businessEngagement in marketing circles with customers and your target audience is very important. If you actually look at it though, it’s not a very easy task. It needs a lot of good strategies and hard work from your side. But creating conversations is not just about getting there and cranking up your follower accounts! It’s about creating valuable conversations and maintaining good relationships with your customers with well executed social strategies. How do you do it?
“You must be able to understand your target audience and create social content that resonates with them.”

Here are the four basic rules that you should keep in mind before you launch a social campaign for your business –

1. Always Be a Good Listener
Use social listening tools like
Radian6 or Sprout Social to know what’s being spoken about your brand, because it’s very awkward if you walk into the middle of a conversation on any social media platform you are a part of. This strategy is followed by many big brands. If you are a small business owner, you must start following this too. These tools will cost you less than 10 dollars each month and saves you from any sort of embarrassment on the web.

2. Always Be Proactive
You must get your target audience to interact with your brand. You must drive engagement. Respond to peoples comments/tweets/messages. Always be pro-active. Respond not only to praise, but also to criticism that you receive. Do it wisely.

3. Always Be Self-Aware
You must always know what your customers or people in general think about your brand. Sometimes the opinion may not be positive. But every company has a few customers who are disgruntled! What must you do about the feedback? Find out where you went wrong and do some repair work. Apologize if you need too.
Self-awareness is very important and offers your customers reasons to give your product or service another try!

4. Always Be Transparent
As a brand, you must always maintain transparency. When in doubt, be direct. You cannot hide on the internet. You can neither force people to like your brand, only good social strategies work. Little transparency and humility go a long way with social media users, and a company that gets involved in an ongoing discussion and shows the public how hard it’s trying to do the right thing will create a good impression and trust in your customers. Don’t just leave social media to underlings. Get involved from the top down. When CEOs tweet, people listen, and it can be very good for the brand. We all know that big companies do this, but even if you’re a start up, you must definitely follow the same.

Do you know any more strategies that you have practiced? Share them with us in the comments.

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